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Providing the best quality of processed natural resource wood like Wood Logs, Teak Logs, Timber Wood, Saw Wood, Ebene Wood, Bubinga Wood and African Padauk Wood for further usage in various sectors.

About Us

We, Forest Wood Services SARL, are amongst the renowned Exporters, Traders and Suppliers of a wide variety of Wood in the market. Wood being the most useful resource in all types of industries adapts various applications in multiple forms like furniture, tools etc. The extended range of our products include Wood Logs, Teak Logs, Timber Wood, Saw Wood etc. Our range of Timber Wood is highly preferred in the paper industry as well as the dynamic requirements of construction industry. The varied use of timber and other wood is found in furniture, toothpick, sports equipments, spoons, frames etc.

We believe in providing the best quality of Wood and Wood Logs to our clients. Our products are procured from the renowned market vendors who provide the best variety of wood that can be used for various purposes. We have appointed a team of quality analyzers who regularly scan the market for best selling vendors and procure goods from them.

Most Popular Products

We have managed to mark a niche in the market for best quality products which is the result of our hardworking team of quality analyzers. Our company strongly believes in business sustainability as a part of our company's production. We believe in utilizing our resources and related material to their best possible extent and providing least negative impact on the surroundings. Our clients appreciate us for the same and maintain their trust in us for best quality products attaining maximum satisfaction from them.

Thank you for your attention to Forest Wood Services

We have been working in this field for 8 years now, as a forest concession holder with a forestry licence and also an export/import licence for the sale of forest and mine products.

With our strong experience through the sales we have made in different countries such as Thailand, China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Turkey 

We look forward to having you as one of our many customers

So we are ready to open any kind of partnership, cooperation and diverse representation 

a) Direct Partnership 

b) Indirect Partnership 

c) Sale of Logs Wood, Square Wood, Sawn timber 

d) Sale of mine product (gold, diamond, copper, coltan, sapphire, ruby, other precious stone etc.)

e) Charcoal, Scrap iron